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LNG Cryogenic storage

Customized solutions for maximum safety of operations

To ensure safety & maximum performance, trust CRYOLOR’s experience to bring a customized solution.

The LNG context is specific with ATEX and safety issues that apply to any fuel tank. CRYOLOR strives to accompany the customer to the definition of the need, in order to optimize operation, transport & installation costs, as well as to simplify its maintenance over time.

Designed to resist to strong seismic & wind constraints, our LNG tanks can be either vertical or horizontal for satellite stations. We recommend the use of Thermosiphon tanks when connected to a cryogenic pump.

LNG tanks are designed from 20,000L to 300,000L capacities for small-scale stations. CRYOLOR proposes customized-engineered LNG tanks up to 1,000,000L as well (for terminals & off-shore stations).

Installation of LNG station
Ergonomy of the control cabinet

The control cabinet is Atex & PED stamped, as well as all-inox.
The piping system is designed from pre-assembled standard modules which can be combined in order to meet customers requirements for a better performance & enhanced reliability.

Quality finish

The painting procedures & techniques offered by CRYOLOR ensure a longer lifespan & high resistance to corrosion.

A dedicated team

From the P&ID (Piping & Instrumentation Diagram) to the DFP (Detailed Functioning Plan), our team ensures that the customer has all the equipment operations knowledge in hand.

Maintenance & repair program

On request, our team proposes a maintenance & repair program to optimize customer’s operational costs on the cryogenic equipment to guarantee its longevity.