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Ambient air Vaporizers


CRYOLOR’s vaporizers can be easily connected to cryogenic storage tanks, guaranteeing continuous flowrate for high performance liquefied gas vaporization.

CRYOLOR’s Ambient air Vaporizers (VAP) are made of aluminum cooling fins for heat exchange, and can be connected with each other to increase vaporizing capacity.

For more flexibility, VAP units can be interconnected with standard (universal) inputs & outputs (flanges). Continuous flow is guaranteed 24 hours a day by using several units geared with a manual or automatic switching system (valves).

High Performance

With its cooling fins patented system, CRYOLOR’s VAP offer a maximum Heat exchange surface


VAP’s modular design enables to modify the overall flow capacity (between 70m³/h to 1500Nm³/h at 20°C). Vaporization in simple or dual phase (liquid + gas)

Maintenance & repair program

Upon request, our team proposes a maintenance & repair program to optimize customer’s operational costs upon the cryogenic equipment to guarantee its longevity.