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Liquid hydrogen storage

Hydrogen is one of the key solutions to tackle the mobility challenge, and it is particularly well suited to answer the needs of intensive mobility, heavy transport and industry. To support these markets, CRYOLOR developed innovative solutions within the liquid hydrogen (LH2) supply chain, from production to end users. 

We offer horizontal or vertical tanks to address most of our customers’ premises configurations, in particular for mobility and industrial configurations.

Key benefits

  • A wide range of sizes: from 20 to 75m3 
  • High performance, with a Normal Evaporation Rate (NER) < 1 % per day
  • Dedicated design for LH2 transfer pumps

Options upon request: vaporizers, specific interfaces for pumps, etc.

Product range

Horizontal storage

20 to 75 m3

9.9 to 12 barg

LH2 capacity up to 4 tons

Vertical storage

44 to 75 m3

9.9 to 12 barg

LH2 capacity up to 4 tons

Technical specifications

  • Optimized inner volume to maximize LH2 payload
  • Best selection of stainless steels for vessels to minimize weight and maximize mechanical performances with H2
  • Multi-Layer Insulation (MLI) used to optimize thermal performance
  • Ergonomic control cabinet for operators
  • Compliant with local codes (ASME, PED)

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