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Cryogenic transport for air gas

For your transport operations opt for CRYOLOR trailers’ optimized payload on the market.

CLAIRE Diamond trailers

With a standard Working Pressure of 3bar (with cryogenic pump), CLAIRE Diamond trailers are built in compliance with current ASME (or European Pressure Directive & ADR) for the transport of pressurized liquefied air gas.

Our commitments


By targeting the lowest center of gravity and maximizing the wheelbase width, CRYOLOR strives to bring to its semi-trailers a maximum stability in all of its designs to ensure safety of operations.


Depending on  the countries of operation, CRYOLOR commits to offer the best payload by proposing adapted designs (considering truck’s weight).

Great variety of options

Designed & manufactured with standard modules, and equipped with or without a cryogenic pump, CRYOLOR offers a wide variety of options depending on the targeted country(ies) of operation and the requirements of the customer.


Safety & Regulatory Requirements

From the control cabinet to the chassis & axles, CRYOLOR semi trailers are compliant to current European Pressure Directives, ADR and/or ASME for the transport of liquefied air gas, and are also adapted in the design to the targeted countries of operation.


Design adapted to road conditions

With regards to the countries of operation, we always consider the road conditions in order to design & manufacture the most adapted solution (reinforced chassis & lateral supports).


Technical specifications


Our expertise at your service throughout the life of your cryogenic equipment.


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