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Spare parts

Maintain your cryogenic equipment throughout their lifetime

Cryolor offers you a wide range of spare parts identical to the original part for a faithful restoration of your cryogenic equipment. For more than 30 years, our group of experts has been providing its know-how to efficiently meet your needs for the maintenance of your cryogenic equipment such as evaporators, tanks, air gas trailers and our new range of fixed and mobile tanks for liquefied natural gas. Their objective is to work with you as a true partner and to bring you the most suitable solution for the maintenance of your tanks. 

Our commitment

Constructor’s expertise

As a manufacturer, the management of every step of the manufacturing, from design & engineering to the manufacturing & delivery of the product,in combination with a strong know-how in current regulations, enable us to address precisely your needs. We use the design data, the equipment’s manual, and regularly updated nomenclature to identify the most adapted spare part.

Our expertise is based on the mastery of the manufacturing chain, from design and engineering to product delivery. We identify your needs on the basis of design files, the manual of the equipment to be delivered, and an updated bill of materials to identify the most suitable spare part.

Technological Watch

We constantly update the nomenclature of our equipments in order to find alternate solutions in case of originals obsolescence, by communicating regularly with our providers in coordination with our Technical & Development Engineers, and our Purchasing Department.

Responsiveness and quick delivery worldwide

We strive to keep in stock a wide selection of specific & standard spare parts negotiated at wholesale price. We make sure to anticipate your equipment’s immobilization by proposing preventive or curative maintenance spare parts’ kits on demand.

We have multiple options to send your package of spare parts in order to accelerate time of delivery. Our team is experienced in addressing orders from many places in the world.