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Our Services proposal

The Designer-Manufacturer’s know-how & experience for your cryogenic equipment.
Our goal: maintain performance, safety & regulatory compliance of your cryogenic equipment

Our Service offer is broad and extensive, in order to address your technical & regulatory needs throughout the cryogenic equipment’s lifetime, its multimodal usage, and the multiple operations linked to your activity.

Our interventions can be scheduled both on-site and at our new dedicated workshop (more than 2,500m²)

In order to give a second life to your cryogenic equipments, you can count on our dedicated workshop and on our Technical staff

  • To detect or to repair/improve the vacuum (inter-wall piping, inner or outer vessel, tank drying).
  • To replace true-to-original or to modernize the control cabinet
  • To repair leaks & cracks or to treat corroded areas
  • To sandblast and apply specific painting technologies
  • In the case of an accident, we coordinate the expertise & repair of your equipment with your Insurance company

As a designer and manufacturer of mobile equipment, our repair activities also cover the “black parts” such as axles, châssis, break system and all the on-board electric & electronic equipment, but also the isocontainer frames.

Our teams can assist in the definition and management of deadlines and schedules of preventive & regulatory maintenance. Periodic visits can be scheduled for the control and the implementation of the program.

A tank/tanker fleet audit or trouble-shooting interventions can be deployed progressively or at once, with a dedicated Engineer and/or Technician. An expertise of each tank/tanker and its control cabinet is proposed with a vacuum test to assess the cryogenic tightness of the vessel. The audit comprises document review such as checking of the nomenclature & spare part list in compliance to the original design, and the regulatory file.

A detailed report is sent with complete diagnosis of each item with our recommendations.

We strive to propose an extensive program to improve your operations and the qualification of your staff such as:

  • How to use the cryogenic equipment
  • How to maintain their performance over time
  • Training on installation procedures
  • Training on on-board electronic equipment
  • Training on vacuum

We also propose to audit our customers workshops by carrying out a diagnosis of the procedures, the SOPs, staff qualifications & equipment.

Our team proposes turnkey solutions (refer to LNG section) which comprise transport & crane through special convoy, vessel installation on-site, connexions to vaporizer & PLC, commissioning & start up. Our intervention is restricted to our tanks only. Your project is followed by a Project Manager who deploys our intervention crew throughout the project.