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Thermosiphon cryogenic tanks (RVT)

Specifically designed for cryogenic filling stations (liquefied nitrogen, oxygen, argon or even Liquified Natural Gas), thermosiphon tanks help reduce gas losses and pump maintenance costs.

Equipped with a single, double or triple thermosiphon, they are vacuum insulated and available with a capacity between 6,000L to 63,000L (pressure at 17 bar/246psig). They are compliant with PED or ASME code depending on specifications.

Key benefits

Ergonomy of the control cabinet

The control cabinet is engineered to ensure the specific safety needed for the users through the equipment of the tank and the piping.

Its ergonomic design facilitates the operations of technicians on the tank.

Reliability of the control cabinet

The control cabinet is PED or ASME compliant (depending on the needed specifications), as well as all-stainless-steel.

The piping system is designed from pre-assembled standard modules which can be combined in order to meet customers requirements for a better performance & enhanced reliability.


Maintenance & repair program

Upon request, our team proposes a maintenance & repair program to optimize customer’s operational costs on the cryogenic equipment to guarantee its longevity.

Technical specifications


Our expertise at your service throughout the life of your cryogenic equipment.


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