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History and figures

Leader in equipment & services for the distribution and storage of cryogenic industrial gases.
1952: Air Liquide develops a patented process to condition liquid gas in vacuum insulated vessels.
1965: Stationary storage units start to be manufactured in Champigny-sur-Marne (Paris neighborhood, France),while transport equipment’s production starts in Grenoble in 1975.
1983: Merger of these 2 entities leading to the creation of CRYOLOR, with the building of a dedicated factory for the manufacturing of cryogenic storage & distribution equipment in Lorraine (Ennery, France) at the heart of the European steel industry basin.
1991: CRYOLOR becomes the first cryogenic equipment manufacturer ISO 9001 certified.
1993: Launch of CLAIRE first industrialized self-supporting semi-trailer.
1999: Deployment of LNG solutions for mobile & static equipment.
2007: Opening of a dedicated refurbishment workshop in Jarny (Moselle, France) tripling our capacity.
2008: Expansion of our main factory in France to 23,000m² of state-of-the-art workshop, to increase our capacity on trailers & large tank capacity by 15%.
2011: Opening of Cryolor Asia-Pacific factory in Chennai, India to sustain our growth in India, SEA & Middle East. The factory produces under ASME & U stamps since 2014.
2013: First automated LNG Small scale satellite stations installed by CRYOLOR.
2014: CRYOLOR innovates and is the first to propose Jumbo trailers for LNG transport (78,000L, 4 axles).
2016: First installed LNG refueling Small-scale stations. Transfer of our refurbishment workshop and Services Administration  to Maizières-Lès-Metz (close to Ennery). Our sales presence is also deployed in Singapore & Houston (USA).
2017: Launch of a new line of ISO containers.
2020-2021: CRYOLOR has manufactured two ISO CNT LHe with the collaboration of Air Liquide advanced Technologies.
2021-2022: CRYOLOR has manufactured three Large LH2 trailer for US 68100 liters and four LH2 Urban trailer.
2021-2023: Extension of CRYOLOR ASIA PACIFIC factory

Creation of CRYOLOR EAST ASIA, located in China